Hawaiian Coat of Arms Jewelry

Trademark Jewelers has manufactured the Hawaiian Coat of Arms since 1980. Many of the dies used in the manufacturing process date back to the 1800s and were originally owned by ‘Dawkin Benny’ and ‘Freitas Jewelers.

Just imagine your order being struck on the same steel tool die pattern that were used in the late 1800s, such as the die strike done by the drop hammer shown in the photos at the left of the page, and the finished die struck photo shown on the right. Your order could be struck from the exact pattern used to make a Hawaiian coat of arms or Royal Seal pendant for a great aunt or uncle, a pendant that is now treasured as a family heirloom.

It is with pride and commitment we carry on this tradition of offering Island families and now everyone the finest in Hawaiian coat of arms, the original Heirloom Jewelry. This is why Trademark Jewelers, continues to use the same production technique, materials, and finishing processes our predecessors used in the 1800s. Each piece is die-struck, glass enameled, and then hand-finished, providing only the finest detail in an ‘Old World Fashion’.

The owners of Trademark Jewelers realize the significance of these historic dies, and therefore remain committed to providing you with only the finest in quality, materials, and techniques.