Collectible Dies

This collection of collectible dies is from the Dawkins Benny collection and was purchased by Trademark Jewelers in 1995. Dawkins Benny was founded by Henry Hill in the middle 1800s, who later sold the business to his two employees, Dawkins and Benny.

When purchased, the dies were covered with grease and thus undistinguishable, requiring endless hours of labor to refurbish, strike, and catalog. What we discovered was a pictorial history represented by service awards and medallions, a glimpse of Island life in the late eighteen and early nineteen hundreds.

We invite you to share that glimpse of Island life – ensure you look back periodically to check out new additions and read the interesting histories behind each item. If you have any comments or knowledge, feel free to contact us so that we can properly address each item with its proper history. Hopefully, we can start a forum for Island collectors.

We have over 3000 antique dies dating back to the mid to late 1800s, some never seen before. These will be published in multiple graphic forms in limited editions, to include Hawaiian, Military, Sports, Educational, Government, Business, and Social designs.

Because of the size of the collection, its introduction will be slow and not all collectibles will be available for re-sale, and so some graphics are posted for collector’s review and comment only.

Remember, each item shown is struck from an original die, often the date of the circulation is part of the design indicating when the piece was in circulation. If you have a particular area of interest contact us by e-mail and we will attempt to post graphics per your request.

Tee Shirt

Be sure to check back for our new Tee Shirt featuring a display of the collectible dies!