3 A Jewelers Bench by Trademark | Hawaiian Jewelry | Glass Enamel VS Epoxy


The Jeweler's Bench by Trademark Jewelers uses only glass enamel.

Those of you familiar with Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry have most likely seen it before - - a cousin or friend just received their new piece of Hawaiian Heirloom and the colored enamel is already coming out. Yes, it came with a lifetime warranty, but how many times are you going to go back to replace it? Sound Familiar?

Well, there's a reason why the letters keep coming out - -it is not glass enamel. The truth is, epoxy or plastic enamel, can be affected in a lot of ways (chlorine in the swimming pool is just a common one of the many). The edges start to harden, then curl up, and eventually the whole letter falls out.

Now, how many of you have a favorite Auntie that has an old Hawaiian bracelet or family heirloom, and not only are the names still there, but it is the original enamel? The explanation: those are hand-cut letters that contain glass enamel. (See "hand cut vs machine")

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