Departmental Jewelry History

Before Blackington began making island police badges, they were made locally by Freitas and Dawkin Benny Jewelers. The first star badges were actually traced from templates and then hand engraved. Eventually, both jewelers began using tool steel dies and striking the patterns on drop hammer for the official badge, and then later to make the miniatures.

We were fortunate to obtain the original dies used to create these badges, providing us unusual insight into their manufacturing; for example, one die would offer various designs for the outer islands, while being used for private security as well as civilian organizations.

The design used for the Sheriffs badge served many different governmental departments such as Deputy Sheriff, Warden, Horticultural Inspector, and Live Stock Inspector.

The seven-pointed star badge pre-dates the current design used by the Honolulu Police Department, dating back to the 1930's. To our knowledge, it is the first design that was created in miniature, and like the actual badge, these miniatures were cut from plate then hand engraved. In 1952, Freitas Jewelers became the exclusive manufacturer of the new and current Oahu badge design in miniature, the Police Department began buying their official badges from Blackington.

In the 1970's, we began manufacturing miniature police jewelry with Clyde Seaver, owner of Freitas Jewelers, eventually buying the dies and drop hammer, and taking over the business in 1980. Included in the purchase was one police die, one fire department die, and one drop hammer.

We immediately began to expand the line and advertise these products in the SHOPO newsletter under the name "Design's in Gold & Freitas Jewelers." Among these original creations were the first miniature rings and bracelets to bear the actual shields. The expanded product line contained in this website demonstrates our commitment to the departmental products made possible by your continued support.